Shipping Information

Even with a record setting blizzard shutting down most of New York, Brown Bear Gear was still shipping out orders. While New Yorkers hunkered down unable to use the roads, stores and schools closed, and everyone hid away with their NetFlix, Brown Bear Gear was in route to the post office to drop off the most recent orders. Of course we are in New Orleans where the temperatures were in the 60's. But still, we got it done.

We will ship your domestic order using USPS Priority Mail. It usually is 2 Day shipping, but I have seen it report 3 Day on the shipping label for more remote locations. The post office here closes at 5PM so orders completed before 4:30 M-F will make it to the post office the same day. On Saturday, the main post office nearby is open from 10-12, but it takes longer to get there to drop off the order. Orders completed before 11AM on Saturday are shipped out the same day. Orders placed after 11AM on a Saturday will be brought to the post office Monday Morning. 

 **We are unable to ship anything on days the post office is closed, this includes whatever holidays the post office closes on.

TLDR Version, a handy chart:

Order Complete By: Shipped out:
9:30 AM M-F 10AM Early Shipping
4:30 PM M-F 5PM Late Shipping
11:00 AM Sat Noon Saturday Shipping
Anytime Sunday Ships out Early Monday