IMM Match Weight Installation

The IMM match weights ship without any printed instructions. So here they are.


The IMM match weights ship in a white box with an assembled weight, and an allen wrench for installation and removal of the weight.

1. Completely dissasemble the match weight. Using the included allen wrench, completely remove both screws. (Lock washers are included and pre-installed, take care not to loose them)

2. Slip the larger part onto the handgun frame. You may need to angle the part slightly to get it to hook over the trigger guard.

3. Place the smaller part aligning the holes for the screws and insert the screws.

4. Visually check that the parts appear to be aligned correctly and tighten down the screws using the included allen wrench. You do not need to apply super human strength to the weight. But you do need the screws to be tight enough not to rattle loose during use.

5. *optional Bask in the HK glory.


Video coming soon. Will be posted here.