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Barrel Options for IMM Match Weights

What is the best length barrel for your Heckler and Koch pistol outfitted with an IMM match weight? I got out my ruler to find out.

First, the HK45:
Jarvis already makes a HK45 Match barrel. It is listed on their site as  “HK 45 FS 6.02 inch Match Length(this is not the USP Model)”. When installed on a HK45 with the match weight it sticks out the front just a tiny bit.

HK45 Match Jarvis BarrelIMM Match Weight on HK45

The barrel has an O-ring installed already and fits nicely in the pistol.

HK P30:
Jarvis can help you out for 9mm. The longest barrel available from Jarvis is “about 5 and a quarter inches” which is pretty close to what is needed for the IMM weight on a P30. A barrel with a total length of 5.2 inches will be flush with the tip of the weight, so a length between 5.2 and 5.3 would be fine. You will likely want to call them up to place your order because exact lengths are not an option on the website. Jarvis does not make HK barrels in .40S&W.

I did inquire about adding an O-ring to a P30 or P30L barrel and was told that they do not have an O-ring in that size.

EFK Fire Dragon can do a barrel up to about 5.09 inches. This fits the BrownBearGear weight perfectly, but the IMM weight is .1″ longer. EFK Fire Dragon produces barrels in 9mm and 40S&W. So if you shoot a .40, this is your only option that I know of.

HK P30L:
The options for the P30L are limited. No one that I am aware of makes a P30L barrel long enough to extend the full length of the weight. The barrel would need to be 5.8″ – 5.9″. So the options here are extended ported barrels or threaded barrels, and they will extend halfway into the weight. This will function fine, but lacks the “Finished Look” that I’m sure you are looking for. Jarvis will have this in 9mm, and EFK will have 9mm and .40S&W, or HKparts would have an OEM threaded barrel.

The plain truth is that there hasn’t been a demand for the longer barrels for the P30L. The match weights have only been on the market for a short time. Once enough people have asked for a longer barrel, manufacturers will start making them.


If you know of other barrel options, drop me a line.

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IMM weights are in stock and shipping now.

Hot off the UPS truck, IMM Match Weights are in stock and ready to ship. Check them out in the store. Now you can add a match weight to your HK45, P30, or P30L. Available with or without an accessory rail for mounting lights or lasers.

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Brown Bear Gear now selling IMM Holdings match weights

I am thrilled to announce that we will now be selling IMM holdings match weights for the current lineup of HK handguns. IMM is the company that produced the USP aftermarket weight for years. Now I can offer a match weight for the P30, P30L, HK45, as well as the USP series. The VP9 and VP40 weights are due out soon.

The IMM weights will be available soon at $195 with free shipping.

Now that the IMM holdings weights are available for sale here, I will discontinue the BBG aluminum match weights. This will allow me to focus on heavy steel weights and some other HK related products that I have in various stages of completion.

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HK P30 Match Barrel Selection

The P30 match weight is for sale on the webstore. The weight is sized to fit a P30L extended barrel in the P30 slide perfectly. There are a couple options on barrels. Here are the most popular.

Barrels from EFK Firedragon

P30L Extended Ported barrel: EFK Extended PortedThis is an ideal solution. Already ported, comes in black or stainless, minimal waiting. The ports are not as directional as the weight, so you will burn the sides of the weight, but that isn't anything major.


P30L Extended Threaded barrel custom porting(with no threads cut in it, special order call EFK and ask for it.): Perfect solution, but lead time is an issue. I had my barrel ported by MagnaPort to get something that was ported only along the top. Does not burn the weight, but less porting than the EFK Ported barrel so the muzzle flip reduction is slightly lower.


P30L Standard Barrel: P30L barrel in a p30This will get you by, but dont purchase a P30L barrel for this. Your money would be better spent on a longer barrel.




P30 Threaded Barrel: This will work, but the looks of it may not be what you are wanting. The barrel will not reach the end of the weight.

P30L Threaded Barrel: This also will work, but the looks of it may not be what you are wanting. The barrel will not reach the end of the weight.

Barrels from Jarvis (the Jarvis barrels are only available in 9MM, I shoot 40S&W so they are untested by me.)

P30L Extended Ported Barrel

P30 Threaded Barrel

P30L Threaded Barrel


Please don't use the Standard length barrel. Flames get directed back into the the weight and may burn the frame of your pistol as well as your knuckles. Plus the blast puts a huge strain on the metal, it may break under sustained fire.

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P30 Match Weight back from the photographer

We just got the pictures back from the photographer for the HK P30 Match Weight. It really looks fantastic. Check them out in the store.
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P30 Match Weight will NOT fit the VP9,.... yet.

I hate having to say this, but the P30 match weight will NOT fit on a VP9. Earlier versions of the weight would fit either frame, but when I shortened the weight to the length of the longest barrel I could find it reduced the free space at the front of the frame. The VP9 has a protruding nub that prevents the weight from sliding all the way on. Opening up this area will extend into the space where the "cooling fins" are on the bottom of the weight.
I have some ideas on how to alter the weight to fit the VP9, but this means that I have to make a VP9 variant of the weight. The P30 weight will be going forward as planned, and a VP9 version will be out as soon as possible. I apologize to the VP9 shooters if I got your hopes up too soon.

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