P30 Match Weight will NOT fit the VP9,.... yet.

I hate having to say this, but the P30 match weight will NOT fit on a VP9. Earlier versions of the weight would fit either frame, but when I shortened the weight to the length of the longest barrel I could find it reduced the free space at the front of the frame. The VP9 has a protruding nub that prevents the weight from sliding all the way on. Opening up this area will extend into the space where the "cooling fins" are on the bottom of the weight.
I have some ideas on how to alter the weight to fit the VP9, but this means that I have to make a VP9 variant of the weight. The P30 weight will be going forward as planned, and a VP9 version will be out as soon as possible. I apologize to the VP9 shooters if I got your hopes up too soon.